There is no need for you to struggle on your own. Life is not meant to be difficult or unbearable. You are not meant to suffer.

Your life is meant to be full of love, fun, joy and laughter!!

Lynn believes that everyone needs a coach. Someone to guide them, to support them, to offer alternatives and tools to use in your daily life. Someone who can offer you direction, focus and vision.

A ‘cheerleader’, someone who has your interests at heart. Someone who believes in you; whether it be relationships, career, health, money, anxiety, depression, or self-worth   Lynn can help you to believe in yourself, to follow your dream, to make the changes you need to make to make you the best you that you can be!!   You can do it. You do matter. You deserve a great life!!!

Lynn recently won Inspirational Coach of the Year 2022 at the Health & Wellbeing awards.

Case Studies

I started life coaching with Lynn after I found myself in a situation that really brought home to me how little I valued myself and how low my self-esteem was.  I was at an all time low and couldn’t find a way out; I couldn’t stop the incessant negative self talk and self criticism going on in my head and I was struggling to keep a lid on my emotions.

For me, the healing process started with some inner child work, releasing years of pain, hurt, humiliation and a lack of acceptance that I had felt when I was growing up in the 1970s as a child identifying as gay.  Although the releasing was an emotional and painful process, it also felt positive and healing as I worked with my inner child and my emotions.

With Lynn’s support and guidance, I worked through coaching exercises that helped me to release repressed anger and resentment, I was able to let go of self punishment and guilt and learnt how to be more gentle with myself. I began to be much more aware of my thoughts, to understand how I could change them and gently direct my mind more positively.  As my coaching journey continued, I started to challenge beliefs that I held about myself, I started to understand myself and my emotions more and I started to be my true self more.  Along my journey, I had a huge realisation about acceptance, about accepting myself and others.  I’ll never forget the feeling I had in that week of coaching; I was on cloud nine, it felt like such a gift of understanding about myself and my relationships and the understanding it brought me has been life changing!

Life coaching wasn’t an easy journey but it was so, so, worthwhile. I really do feel that my coaching journey has given me the chance at a happier future.  In just 6 months, I felt in a much stronger place than I could ever remember being in. Coaching brought me some deep self realisations and gifts; lessons and understanding about my behaviours, my thoughts,  feelings and emotions that will stay with me always.  Without the coaching I would have undoubtedly remained trapped in the same destructive cycles in my relationships with others.

My self-development is still a work in progress, but coaching with Lynn gave me the tools and solid basis to continue with my own healing and my own inner work.

Throughout my coaching Lynn was a real guiding light through some very dark places.  Lynn was a great listener, clearly seeing straight to the root of the issues that I needed to work on.  Lynn was so supportive and encouraging in helping me to work through my past hurts and emotions and I can’t thank her enough for the positive changes she has helped me to make in my life. Lynn has an amazing gift for healing and her coaching and “Heal Your Life” work really does heal at the very deepest level.

Coaching Client
I started having coaching with Lynn several years ago when I was struggling with anxiety and depression. Lynn helped me get through that difficult period through a variety of coaching techniques inspired by the teachings of Louise Hay. Through Lynn I learnt to use positive affirmations, make positive changes and learnt to how to nurture myself and build up my inner strength. All these skills have helped me to look after my wellbeing and mental health, so much so that my life and coping skills have improved dramatically. Through the work Lynn has taught me I now focus on gratitude on a daily basis, which has enriched my life: I have so much more confidence now and enjoy my life so much more. Lynn is such a lovely lady – I have been able to completely trust her, open up to her, and she has given me so much love, support and encouragement that I now believe in me! I am forever grateful to Lynn and have learned so much from her. I still have coaching with Lynn from time to time as it is so beneficial to my wellbeing. Lynn has been and continues to be a wonderful teacher and mentor.
Coaching Client
When I first started having Coaching with Lynn I was very apprehensive and nervous.Where would I begin?How would I talk about issues that had affected me my whole life? How would I be able to confide in someone? How would I ask for help? Once we got started on the process all my doubts melted away. Lynn is just so easy to talk to and non judgemental which encourages me to be open and honest which is not always easy when you are struggling.
I’ve been able to take it step by step with Lynn’s expert guidance and support. If I ever feel like I’ve slipped back Lynn just gently reassures me and then I feel back on track. The work that I’ve been able to do with Lynn has honestly transformed my life in so many ways.I’m a much more empowered person these days-totally different to the person I was before I started this Coaching process. Lynn has helped to show me how things can be changed for the better and that I do not have to struggle alone.Her help has been invaluable to my life and I can truthfully say that having coaching with Lynn has been one of the best things I have ever done!!!Thank you so much Lynn you are amazing!!!
Coaching Client

I recently had an incredible coaching session with Lynn and I’m totally overwhelmed with gratitude and inspiration.

Effortlessly holding space for a rather scared and insecure version of myself, Lynn was able to help me discover and follow a path of awareness and transformation that felt safe and nurturing with her support.

The result of the session really helped me to process traumatic experiences that I couldn’t even remember before Lynn helped me unlock the painful memories.

Being in Lynn’s care whilst healing or transforming through any insecurity, doubt, lack or fear is a unique experience that radiates unconditional love. It is a safe space, a haven and one everyone should have an experience.

Thank you Lynn for helping me find the parts of myself that were lost and now brought to light.

Thank you for doing the work you do, it’s needed and I’m grateful you’re in the world, doing what you do best.

Coaching Client

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